Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday Weigh-in

There are so many conflicting theories about how often you should weigh in. If you have an eating disorder, or disordered eating, it is said never. Some say once a week, the same day and time, to track progress. Some research, however, says that those who weigh-in every day lose the most and keep it off.
The benefit of a daily weigh-in is that you get a great sense of how your choices affect your goals. The downside is that you don't see such dramatic changes.
I've opted for a daily weigh-in, every morning. I have been less anxious and more excited about seeing my progress. The funny thing is, the change sometimes is dramatic. After no movement on the scale since last week, I am down another pound and a half!  I'm still on track for my goal of 5 pounds down this month. One week and one pound to go!