Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Plan

I have dabbled in fitness and diet forever, but have decided to commit. I want to be fit and healthy, instead of how I feel now-lumpy.  My long-term motivation is, of course, to look better and be strong and fit.  I also want to improve my stamina, core, and upper body strength.  My greatest dream is to surf.  I went to a mini surf camp last summer and it was great, but I need to get stronger to really do it!

(I'm the big girl.)

My immediate goal is to adopt new habits.  My SEPTEMBER goal is to lose 5 lbs.  I'm halfway there, so right on track!



-No more takeout!  This saves money too!
-Choose my food carefully.
-Portion control.
-No alcohol on "school nights." (meaning if I work the next day.)
-Count calories.


-get into a regular exercise habit overall.
-Exercise 6 days a week.  Friday is a day off!
-Workouts are a combo of my exercise bike, strength routines from magazines, and DVDs.
-Find ways to sneak in a little more activity into my day.


I'm really into metrics so I am using the Lose it! app to track my meals and exercise.  It really helps to keep me on track with my calorie goal.

Having a partner in crime really helps too!