Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tuesday Trouble

My department went out last night for margaritas and dinner. I'd been anxious about this outing for days. Firstly, what about my 'no drinking on work nights?' Then, there are the general perils of eating out. And, finally, I would miss a workout!

I talked myself through it (with a little help from Casey). The no drinking on work nights allows for a drink if it is a special occasion, and this fit the bill. My department NEVER goes out. And I wouldn't be over indulging, because I am an adult. The food- I checked out the menu online and chose what I would order ahead of time. Mexican is tough for me as I don't eat meat and am allergic to shellfish. And my workout? My 6 days a week plan is designed to absorb the occasional skipped workout.

I ended up getting the sangria instead of a margarita. Restaurant margaritas can be super sugary, and besides, I'm a booze snob and was not impressed with the tequila list. Yes, sangria can be sugary too, but I decided to take my chances. It turned out to be more fruity than sugary (yay!), and it was not a generous pour, probably 5 oz.

I completely ignored the table chips!  They looked good, but I don't love chips so it really didn't seem worth it just because they were there.

For my dinner I ordered off the appetizer menu. (This is a classic diet trick). I got the Ceviche de Pescado. I was a bit nervous about ordering raw fish at a restaurant I'd never been to before, but it turned out to be fantastic. It was made with haddock which is my favorite.

I had a lot of fun out with my work friends, AND stayed under my calorie goal for the day. TUESDAY TRIUMPH!