Friday, September 18, 2015

Observations on the week

I'm so glad it's Friday! Friday night I get to have a drink. I really do see a difference in skipping the weekday beer and wine.

It was a good week. I  worked out everyday, and made healthy food choices. Next week I want to push harder on the exercise videos.

Some changes I've noticed: I can tell that exercise is becoming more of a habit because I am actually disappointed that it is a rest day! I declined a slice of cake at work on Tuesday. I  don't really like cake all that much, so it seemed silly to have some just because it was there. I weighed in a pound lighter this week. I want to lose 2.5 more this month. I think my biceps look a little more defined, and today I wore my top tucked in!

Looking forward to a drink tonight and a workout tomorrow!