Monday, September 21, 2015

How HIIT almost kicked my ass. Then didn't.

On Saturday I went to a class sponsored by PopSugar Fitness in collaboration with Target and C9. It was led by celebrity trainer Adam Rosante- I knew nothing about him, so did a quick search and learned that in addition to being a generally cool guy, he has done primarily Boot Camp classes. "Cool!" my brain said, we got this, CrossFit/Boot Camp... close enough.

The class turned out to be HIIT, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It was hard, probably the hardest class I have taken since starting this journey. But post workout I felt amazing.

After I hung out and talked with some other people from the class (Hi Trevor from LA!), I decided to head home for a much needed shower. I was waiting by the elevators and Adam walked by, so I stopped him and thanked him for the class. I told him I just started working out two weeks ago, and that I felt great after his class. His eyebrows shot up and he said "really?! I saw you out there, you crushed it!" He gave me a high five and then pulled me in for a hug.

You know what? This feels pretty good. I find inspiration around me every day, there is always a reason to keep going- just remember to keep going for the reasons that are right for you.