Saturday, September 19, 2015

Competition vs. Support

Casey and I have embarked on this journey together in a spirit of mutual motivation and support. The other day, a mutual friend heard me speaking of my latest weigh in. She knew that Casey was going to Cross Fit and working out, so she asked if we had a bet or contest going. "No," I said, "we are just being supportive of each other."

Competing seems silly and counterproductive. For starters, we have similar, but somewhat different goals. I want to be a strong surfer girl, with a dash of Jillian Michaels thrown in. Casey wants to be cut.

We have different approaches. Casey prefers going to classes, and I like working out at home.

We have different ways of measuring progress. Old fashioned weigh-ins still work for me, as well as seeing the visual difference in my body. Casey is seeing her progress in how her body is changing, and also in her being able to go harder in her workouts.

We are different people with different body types. What is the same is that we are both getting up and doing it. Knowing that Casey went to HIIT today made me push myself on the exercise bike and one of my Firm videos. Together we encourage each other in our food choices and celebrate each sucess, large or small. Support is when I look at Casey and tell her she looks slimmer, or when she congratulates me on a healthy food choice. I'm finding this lifestyle change so much easier with support. I don't think a competition would keep me as motivated.