Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday weigh-in: determination (and a little faith)

The scale had been stuck at 142 for the past week. 141 today!

This was the point wherein I tried not to get discouraged.  Exercising and eating right,  but no weight change. Instead of giving up, I dug in and had faith that the plan would work. Why did the scale stall out? I knew that the rapid weight loss would slow down as my body got used to increased exercise and less crap food. It could be that I'm replacing fat with muscle. I just know that if I keep it up, my body will continue to change.

I did see other signs of progress in the past week. I gave away two pairs of pants and a bra that were too big. And, last night during The Firm Cardio Sculpt, I noticed that push-ups no longer make me say bad words!