Thursday, October 15, 2015

Five Weeks Down, aaaand GO!

I do not write as prolifically as Rachael (as you can obviously see). I contemplate my ideas and wait until something is fully fleshed out to post it. I have a new gym schedule and have set some new goals for myself-

I am currently going to the gym 6 days. Here's what my week looks like:

  • Sunday: 30 minutes on the treadmill for Couch to 5K (yep!), 9am CrossFit, 4pm Restorative Yoga
  • Monday: 5:30pm Yoga
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes on the treadmill before work
  • Wednesday: 6am CrossFit
  • Thursday: 6am Yoga
  • Friday: 30 minutes on the treadmill before work
On Saturday I rest, but I get antsy, so I will often throw my yoga mat down and do a little stretching... feels so good!

I am not shedding pounds like crazy, but a few people have told me I look trimmer. My yoga instructor told me this morning that I look "lighter"- I love this, because part of my goal in all this was to reduce stress and improve my mental health overall.

Yesterday at CrossFit, a large part of our WOD was running, which is still not a strong suit for me, but I was out there and while other people from my class were zooming past me I realized that 5 weeks ago (just 5 short weeks) I would not run 4 feet, now I can run 400 meters and recover within a couple minutes. Also, I love CrossFit- all those people zooming by me were also cheering me on, and their encouragement reminded me that I have already come so far- I will continue to improve.

Let's talk Couch to 5K- I am in week 3, so the running time is getting a little longer, rests and walking a little shorter. I started this program partly because I'd like to run a 5K, but my ultimate goal is Spartan races. A Spartan is first and foremost a 5K, so if I am going to make it through one, I need to get my Cardio function in shape. I have to simultaneously improve my ability to successfully complete a set of burpees- this is not a "one thing at a time" kind of challenge- I have to crush it all!