Sunday, March 20, 2016

Goals and Aspirations

I did not make any New Year's Resolutions.  Resolutions seems to be all or nothing rules that are not sustainable.  I spent the last four months of 2015 making changes, so instead of waking up on January 1 with new rules for myself, I have, when the time felt right and I have evolved, set new goals for myself.

The first goal of 2016 that I set for myself is to commit to clean eating.  I was eating okay, better than a lot, but there was progress to be made.  To me, clean eating is about choosing foods that work for me, not against me.  I've been using Fooducate to help me make good choices.  I've cut out a lot of packaged/processed foods my putting my food choices through the "Fooducate Test."  If a food doesn't rate, it's off my plate.  I've stopped drinking diet soda all together.  I was never a heavy soda drinker, but I did drink it occasionally.  Also, no more Morningstar Vegetarian Bacon.

I recently forgot to put a product through the Fooducate Test.  It made me feel awful!  Not sure if it was the hydrogenated oil or the corn syrup, but in the trash it goes!  This proved to me that clean eating does make a difference.

I do still count calories, but I also work to make sure I get enough protein and fiber.  I really think these macronutrients are key in transforming my body.

I also still have fitness goals.  As I said, my bonus weight loss goals is to drop 4 more pounds.  But, more important is to lose my remaining belly fat.  I might get one of those fancy scales that measure body fat percentage to see my progress. I really want to get killer abs, and develop greater upper body and core strength.  I don't want to get skinnier, I want to get stronger.  I have the confidence that I can do it, after all, I've already come so far and accomplished so much!